Technology Scounting • Product Specifications Analysis • Product Conception • Manufacturing Efficiency Audit

BlueTag consulting brings a technical support along the process of product development and industrialization.

To make sure your product specifications are achievable, our engineers provide you an analysis based on the last technical feasibilities and prices available on Asian industry. BlueTag is continuously in touch with Asian manufacturers, material suppliers and tooling makers. We daily follow the materials Asian Exchange markets. 

  • Product conception 

From the distributor design (or tender) together with market and quality requirements, Bluetag can provide to Chinese factories a complete technical file of the product expected ready to be produced: 

    • 3D of the product
    • 2D of the product parts
    • Bill of Materials
    • Technical File with specific product quality requirements
    • Prototype if needed 

For each conception, our team of engineers analyses 3 constructions in term of: 

    • Price
    • Investment (tooling)
    • Product use
    • Technical feasibility
    • Standard compliance
    • Design achievement

Based on these criteria, we select the most optimized construction. 

  • Cost and Investment valuation 

Bluetag consulting provides cost and investment valuation of the product before launching to the factory. 

  • Product improvement 

How to reduce your product buying price but keep the same Quality level? BlueTag provides a complete product value analysis with its cost breakdown. Our consulting engineers advise you with optimized options (3D drawings) allowing to reduce the overall cost of the product. 

  • Launching, Follow-up and production support 

BlueTag helps to launch new development to the selected factory. Our English, French and Chinese speaking engineers introduce and follow closely the production setting-up. 

  • Manufacturing efficiency audit 

We offer you to audit the efficiency of your factory. This evaluation is based on precised criteria of productivity. BlueTag advises corrective actions and follows the factory achievements on-site. We adapt our assessment to the product specificities and the factory level in order to provide the most accurate guideline of improvements on each file. 

Our experienced team can also help you on specific sourcing request.

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