Technical Factory Audit • Before Production Inspection • Final Inspection  

BlueTag offers a qualified Quality control and operation solutions of improvement to help to smooth your business.

  • Technical Factory Audit

BlueTag Auditors perform audits to evaluate if factories meet acceptable standards. We focus our technical assessment on the manufacturing organization, Quality assurance system and the Research & Development skills.

A detailed report of this evaluation is provided for each audit.

  •  Before Production Inspection

At the beginning of the production process, BlueTag focuses on the quality control of raw materials and components.

We also check the first finished products in order to detect any possible issues at the early stage of the production. BlueTag provides an efficient on-site support to find corrective actions.

A report illustrates the actions leaded during this inspection.

  •  Final Inspection

BlueTag adapts the level of your final inspection according to your need.

The sampling definition is based on the inspection level requested in accordance with MIL-STD-105E (ISO2859-1).

Every piece of the sampled goods is checked. The nonconformities found are classified into three categories (critical, major and minor). Based on the AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) defined, the acceptance or rejection of the goods will be determinate.

We offer 2 levels of inspection:

    • Qualified inspection: In accordance with the standard and customer requirements, our experts provide an accurate inspection and a complete report together with the corrective actions if needed.
    • Visual inspection: Following the customer expectation we check the visual quality of the goods and provide an illustrated report.

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